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Audio Interface

Whether you’re designing an application interface, a skin for your favorite audio/video player software, or a slick website layout, you’ll find that the techniques outlined in this tutorial will be useful in these and many other instances. The example in this tutorial is a single part of what would make up a complete interface—several similar parts combined together would add up to a great looking interface. The point of this tutorial is to introduce you to many of the elements of interface design that you have at your disposal, to give you tools and ideas which you can call upon while designing your own interface. Read more

Inset Buttons

The following is a technique every designer should have in their bag of tricks. This is a handy technique to know when making any sort of interface. These steps will enable you to make buttons look like they are inset into the surface of an object such as an interface, winamp skin, etc, and can add a great degree of depth to an otherwise flat and boring image. Read more

Remote Control

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple “Remote Control” which you can use as an interface for a web site, program, or anything else where a cool 3D menu might be needed. Read more

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