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Plastic Tabs

In this tutorial you’ll learn to create the smooth clear plastic tab buttons first seen on Over the years plastic tabs like these have become incredibly popular—try using them in a horizontal top menu for your site, along with the sliding doors technique for a great usable menu system. Read more

Inset Buttons

The following is a technique every designer should have in their bag of tricks. This is a handy technique to know when making any sort of interface. These steps will enable you to make buttons look like they are inset into the surface of an object such as an interface, winamp skin, etc, and can add a great degree of depth to an otherwise flat and boring image. Read more

Soft Bevel

The technique you learn from this tutorial will probably prove very useful to you in future designs. It will show you how to make a quick and easy “soft” beveled edge, which you can apply to your interfaces, buttons, etc, to add some instant good-looking depth. For this tutorial, we will make a button using the technique. Read more

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