Terms of Use

On absolutecross.com, various graphics and media files are offered which you may download and use free of charge. These may include textures, interfaces/templates, wallpapers, photos, fonts, etc. All free graphics/files are clearly denoted throughout the site. The layout of this site is not free and may not be used for any reason — see details below.

How can the free graphics be used?

You may use the free graphics that are made available on absolutecross.com for any purpose, both non-profit and commercial.

There are no restrictions on how you can use them.

What you can NOT do is include or redistribute them (meaning the unchanged textures, templates, etc) in any form of collection without first getting my permission (I very well may give permission or license the use, but you must ask). If you are granted permission, you must include the credits exactly as would be specified. Of course you can send the graphics to a few friends or something like that without needing special permission — but if you are planning on distributing the original graphics themselves on a broader scale, please ask first.

Usage Examples

Some people have asked for additional clarification on how the graphics can be used, so here are a few examples.

Example of Acceptable Use

  • You download some textures from absolutecross.com and use them in your website layout, logo, illustration, brochure, video game, program/application, 3D model, etc. Essentially if you “use” the texture in any way in your design, either personal or commercial — this is OK.

Example of Non Acceptable Use

  • You download some textures from absolutecross.com and redistribute them as textures for your visitors or customers to download on your website, or you include them on a CD full of graphics that you sell or give away — this is NOT OK.
    For this usage example and similar situations, please ask permission first.

Obviously there are many other possible scenarios, but hopefully these examples will help clear things up.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch - but - if you use any of the free graphics/files, I certainly wouldn’t mind if you add a link to absolutecross.com on your website. I also would be happy to see how you ended up using the graphics on your website or project, so if you’d like, please feel free to send me a link to see what you’ve created.

Please download graphics/files to your own computer

You may not, under any circumstances, link to any graphic/file that is hosted on this server (absolutecross.com). If you want to use a file, you should right-click on it and choose Save Image As to download the image to your computer, and upload it to your own website space.

Can I use the layout/template of your site for my own site?

No — you may not ever, under any circumstances download and use the graphics that make up the layout of this site. That includes and is not limited to things such as the header graphic, logo, menu buttons, footer graphics, etc. The layout is an original design created by the developer of absolutecross.com, and is strictly copyrighted. Permission to use the layout will not be granted for any reason. It is permitted to take screenshots of the site or to use the site logo for the sole purpose of creating affiliate links to advertise the site.

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